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Biyearly Update

Ok so it has been a long time since the last update so I wanted to let people know what's going on.

The last couple years have been a little bit manic I have since got married (must update about page) and we have another baby in the house I also started a new job, with that out of the way here is a quick Q and A:

Q: Am I making arcade machines?

A: Yes as I currently don't have one, I need at least one..

Q: What's my focus?

A: As woodwork is mostly a no go at the moment I am concentrating on some smaller electronics projects.

Q: Why am I updating after such a gap?

A: I want to kick start myself into being more active, I am planning to post more videos and more general scene news / updates via social feed.


So there it is keep an eye out for videos and updates, builds have stopped but I'm still involved in retro gaming. Where before my updates were purely product / project based I will try to take a broader approach going forward so let's see how it goes.