29 May 12

Latest work

Well it has been a long time since my last update and I have started a few projects and completed some new builds:

A new 1UP machine based around the popular weecade style with a 17” monitor and all Sanwa parts using a Datel arcade PRO PCB for the control interface. Currently it is running a substantial install of Hyperspin but I am planning to return to Maximus arcade for greater support and further options. This machine currently resides on my desk and I plan to get some pictures sorted this week.

In the works is my First venture into Digital Pinball, if you have never seen this check out some videos on Hyperpin, visual pinball and future pinball. Due to my limited space this build is also going to be on a smaller scale I have planned a 22” playfield and a 17” backglass combined with scoreboard (DMD). I have been testing the software extensively (usually with beer and friends) and I have to say it really is awesome, I will get some pictures of the test setup posted on the twitter feed hopefully this weekend.

I have also taken to some needle craft I completed my first cross stitch of Kirby, again I will get a snap on the twitter feed ASAP.


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