12 Sep 10

Mame support is here

Yup that’s correct M.A.M.E is available on a iDevice near you providing you are jailbroken and have access to the cydia store.


We have been in talks to the developer and have a working button configuration that has been ported to our iPad arcades, to mark this massive development in emulation (well for us at freekade) we will be testing a new button layout (think neogeo). Expect to see some snaps and information appear on the products page in the next week or so as some parts are on back order.


Here is a quick breakdown of some of the features of imame4all:


- Full speed on iPad HD. Almost perfect on iPhone 4.

- Autorotate.

- Smoothed image.

- Scanline & TV Filter.

- Full screen, windowed.


Please check it out, the onscreen controls play well and it has wiimote support so get your retro gaming fix until you get your hands on a Freekade iPad arcade.


Many thanks to seleuco for your help and a great port.


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